Female-targeted online casino opportunity for Mr Green?

Mr Green and Co AB, a Swedish online casino company, has acquired an option to buy-out Garbo, a nascent mobile gaming site targeting the female gambling demographic owned by DSRPTV Gaming Ventures Ltd, Malta.

The owner of DSRPTV is Mikael Pawlo, CEO of Mr Green & Co. The company was formed before Pawlo was appointed CEO in Mr Green & Co and before the decision was taken to float its shares on the stock exchange.

Mr Green’s option is valid until 2016. Until that year, the company has an option to acquire all of the shares in DSRPTV at any time for Euro 500,000 plus a variable fee based on future earnings.

“In our estimation, the company has a highly attractive orientation in the gaming market, since it is the first gaming company with a mobile focus that is targeted at women,” says Tommy Trollborg, chairman of the board of Mr Green & Co.

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