Gamanza group debuts iGaming HUB

News on 30 Jan 2018

Newcomer Malta-based Gamanza Group has launched its omni-channel iGaming HUB offering a one-stop-shop for online games, lottery, social betting on a single platform along with gamification, payments provision and a bonus engine.

The company was founded by serial entrepreneur Magnus Lindberg whose previous start-ups include Reels54 Game-Lab and Market Place, Together Gaming, Push Gaming and Mobenga.

Gamanza’s Gamification Application is a framework with plug-in-and-play tools that are closely integrated with the company’s Bonus Engine.

The company offers over 100 game titles and the customisable gamification tools use player activity data to award credits, points or tokens as achievement levels are reached.

“We know that gamification is incredibly important for player engagement,” Lindberg said. “The appropriate rewards helps build brand loyalty and means the player stays with a site for longer and enjoys a better overall experience.”

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