Gaming Corps serves up a meal leading to instant wins in Ramen Puzzle

News on 28 Sep 2023

Gaming Corps serves up a meal leading to instant wins in Ramen Puzzle

Swedish games developer Gaming Corps invites players to the best ramen joint they will ever visit with the release of slot game Ramen Puzzle.

Ramen Puzzle is an instant win game, made up of a grid of 25 tiles, which either conceal ramen bowls or leftovers. Players can savor Ms. Kawai’s delicious, sparkling ramen to their heart’s content as they open bowl after bowl.

Players’ winnings increase with every ramen bowl they reveal, but they then have a decision to make. They can either decide to cash out their winnings after each ramen bowl is revealed, or play on for the big payout. However, as soon as they reveal any leftovers, those winnings are lost.

The number of leftovers can be set between 1 and 24; the more leftovers there are, the higher the risk.

This latest game release further highlights Gaming Corps’ position as an up-and-coming developer, and follows a long line of successful launches this year, including Raging Zeus Mines, Wild Woof, Shootout Champion, Prospector’s Plinko, and most recently Super Hot Stacks.

Qianqian Lui, Gaming Corps’ Senior Art Director, said: “As a huge anime and manga fan, I was very excited to work on Ramen Puzzle and create a game suitable for fans of this style. With the game now ready to launch, I feel all these years of reading anime and manga finally paid off!

“It was a challenge at the start directing the artists who are not familiar with this particular style; even I found it difficult because I haven’t drawn manga for years. I am very proud of what the artists produced and I am sure fans of this game type will enjoy making the most of what it has to offer.”

Source: Press Release

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