Green Jade launches first online slot exclusively with Mr Green online casino

News on 3 Dec 2018

Green Jade Games, a casino games developer owned by the MRG Group, has launched its portfolio to the industry with its first title, Hammer of Fortune, now available exclusively at Mr Green online casino.

Hammer of Fortune is an adventure slot that boasts an industry-first, player-driven symbol smashing decision as well as a narrative that can be controlled. This means players decide how the game plays out.

The 6×4 slot is based around a compelling fantasy storyline that sees Brin as the unlikely hero tasked with saving his village from Gunnhild and her rock troll army. Players move through the story and discover if Brin and his friends Papa, Astrid and their humorous horse, Barrett, can summon the knowledge, power and strength to defeat Gunnhild and save their homeland.

Hammer of Fortune features a personal hammer that changes with every spin and is then used by the player to knock out symbols which in turn give a second chance at triggering cash pots and free spins.

With a 10,000-multiplier potential, the wins can be significant, but the base game sits at the bottom end of the volatility scale to ensure a fun experience that allows players to keep moving through the story.

Given the decision to knock out symbols is put entirely in the hands of the player, a natural complementary volatility occurs as some players strategise on saving charges for bigger wins leaving money in the game which others can collect when they complete a loot chest alignment.

Benedict McDonagh, Green Jade Games MD, said “Hammer of Fortune is the ideal game to introduce Green Jade Games to the market. With its focus on entertainment through storytelling, and player control though smashing symbols, we are proud of the high degree of quality and relevant differentiation achieved.

“We want to work closely with operators, enabling them to target a wider demographic through the introduction of a new game genre.”

Hammer of Fortune is the first game in the Adventure Slots series from Green Jade Games, and is the start of a content evolution designed to combine traditional slots and video games to deliver a unique experience to a broad range of players, a company statement Monday said..

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