Indiana takes a wait and see attitude on sports betting

News on 16 Aug 2018

The US state of Indiana is taking a cautious approach to the newly liberalised sports betting sector in the United States, with the regulator hiring respected consultants Eilers & Krejcik Gaming LLC to carry out a comprehensive study before any moves are made.

Sara Tait, executive director of the Indiana Gaming Commission, consulted with the West Virginia regulator before making the decision to conduct a study on the fiscal and other impact of sports betting in Indiana.

Our readers will recall that earlier this year Indiana Representative Alan Morrison introduced bill HB1325 to the state House, proposing the legalisation of land, mobile and online sports betting in an arrangement favouring exclusivity for existing state gambling licensees.

The bill failed to make it through committee stages as lawmakers opted instead for a study of the issue, but Morrison has vowed to reintroduce the measure again next year.

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