Kiron launches FashionTV Nations League in partnership with FashionTV Gaming Group

News on 3 Nov 2021

Kiron launches FashionTV Nations League in partnership with FashionTV Gaming Group

Kiron Interactive, EGR B2B’s Virtual Sports Supplier of the Year, has released an innovative new virtual football game in collaboration with FashionTV Gaming Group, one of the industry’s fastest growing companies, which is set to engage players globally.

The first in a new luxury line of exciting products from the supplier, FashionTV Nations League follows a single-game format similar to the World Cup, featuring the 20 top teams from around the world.

Launching initially online via BetMan, Kiron’s plug&play bet management system, the game will eventually be rolled out to the retail sector too.

In a first-ever for virtual games, FashionTV Nations League introduces real cheerleaders and captivating video content from the exclusive world of FashionTV between events, ramping up engagement and bringing a thrilling new level of realism and glamour to the virtual space – unlike any other virtual game in the market.

The package offers a combination of the most current virtual football formats, a comprehensive selection of betting markets and immersive content from the FashionTV megabrand. FashionTV Nations League will be available in regulated markets globally and with its unique features, glamorous extra touches and coveted FashionTV flavour, it’s set to become a player favourite.

Steven Spartinos, co-CEO of Kiron, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with FashionTV Gaming Group on this exciting new product and we’re really looking forward to seeing how operators and players react to the unique features it brings to the table.

“At Kiron we have a long list of successfully launched titles but it’s always refreshing to occasionally work with a partner in bringing something unique and differentiated to the market.  We’re confident that FashionTV Nations League is going to resonate with players across the globe.”

Shai Kaplun, COO at FashionTV Gaming Group, said: “We choose our partners very carefully and for a product such as this, Kiron’s credentials were the perfect fit. Its experience creating industry-leading content was apparent during development and you can see this in the execution of the final game.

“FashionTV Nations League is just the first in an exciting new line of luxury products, as FashionTV Gaming Group continues to innovate with its “Brand to Business” model and bring the luxury and glamour of the FashionTV world to industry leaders, new game formats and new players worldwide. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how well the game performs and continuing to collaborate with industry leaders on a global scale.”

Kiron’s latest expansion follows its recent marked commercial growth in an array of key regulated markets including Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Colombia. The company now supplies 49 games, and game variants, in more than 60 countries.

Source: Press Release

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