Latest SuperData report on social casino gaming out

News on 28 Apr 2017

The independent research firm SuperData has announced the availability of its latest survey on social casino gaming, throwing out a few teaser titbits of information that include:

* Publishers must adopt a mobile-first strategy now that 85 percent of social casino users play on smartphones. Former desktop-only social casino players have gone mobile as smartphone adoption among baby boomers grows.

* Since early 2016, the average smartphone social casino players’ age has risen from 36 to 39. While the demographics of mobile and desktop social casino players are now closely aligned, publishers should still prioritise releasing on smartphones given the devices’ popularity.

* 75 percent of social casino gamers play slots. Casino-style games are most popular among PC players.

* On smartphones, slots players have the highest average lifetime value (LTV) of $324. On both desktop and tablet, LTV for casino-style game players continues to surpass that of slots users. Slots win out on smartphones since users on-the-go value focused games that let them start playing quickly over apps with feature a wide selection of game types.

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