Lottery winners impacted by Illinois budget impasse

News on 29 Aug 2015

Spare a thought for Illinois lottery winners who this week found themselves denied their winnings by the State Lottery, which has frozen millions of dollars in pay-outs due a budget crisis.

The Reuters news agency reports that the state has been operating without a budget since the fiscal year began in July 2015, due to an impasse over a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit between Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and Democratic Party lawmakers who control the state legislature.

It’s not all bad news – prizes under $25,000 are being paid, but a spokesman for the lottery said that unfortunately bigger winners will have to be patient until the budget crisis has been resolved.

“All winners will be paid in full as soon as the lottery and the Illinois comptroller have the legislative authority to do so,” the spokesman assured.

Reuters reports that the Illinois Lottery website shows some $25 million in winnings over $25,000 since July 1.

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