Illinois lottery reports success in online offering

News on 8 Apr 2014

The Illinois State Lottery gave the pro-online gambling faction in the United States some useful ammunition this week when it revealed that since taking ticket sales online within the state two years ago, $36.9 million in ticket sales has been achieved without problems associated with geo-location, money laundering or age-verification.

Using available technology common to other online gambling enterprises across the United States, the lottery may not offer casino gaming, but its success with volume ticket sales nevertheless proves that the technology can be successfully deployed.

Illinois Lottery director Michael Jones confirmed that the lottery’s systems had operated without problems:

“The Lottery, through its private manager, launched the first Internet sales portal in the United States during the $656 million Mega Millions jackpot week of March 2012,” Jones said. “Two years later, it is clear that the age and geography constraints that were key parts of the test are working as designed.”

The lottery remains committed to responsible gaming principles, with systems for restricting the amount lottery punters can spend in particular time periods.

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