Macau gambling advertising piques politicians interest

News on 15 Jan 2015

According to the Macau Business Daily a new wave of online gambling advertising via text, flyers and taxi advertisements at China’s Zhuhai border has spurred politician Chan Meng Kam to submit an enquiry to the Chinese Government.

The Zhuhai Border has two land ports of entry between mainland China and Macau.

Judiciary Police and the Bureau of Telecommunications Regulations (DSRT) recently shut down a base station in Macau  for distributing similar promotional material which was pushed through to mobile devices as travellers entered into Macau from Mainland China, however, this latest wave is being received on the other side of the border in Mainland China, Chan Meng Kam wrote.

Chan Meng Kam asks whether the consequences for those distributing the material are tough enough and if measures in place to combat this type of advertising are adequate.

In closing, the formal enquiry asks for clarification from the Government on whether a timeframe for amending the current advertising law to regulate gambling advertisements had been set.

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