Macau and Hong Kong major illegal online gambling hubs?

News on 4 Aug 2014

Recent media reports of massive online gambling ring shutdowns by Chinese police would appear to support the views of former FIFA security chief Chris Eaton, who claimed in an interview this week that Macau and Hong Kong are the hubs for a massive Asian illegal online gambling industry.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Eaton declared that both centres, which have Special Administrative Region status, are home to “…massive illegal online gambling operations, mostly but not exclusively feeding into and out of mainland China.”

And he claims that a correspondingly large and coordinated police and regulator enforcement drive is necessary to restore order by clamping down on these substantial illegal enterprises.

Eaton referenced that arrest of prominent Asians gambling on the World Cup football in Las Vegas  recently (see previous reports) as an indication of the size and scope of illegal activity, and appealed to governments everywhere to ramp up their efforts in protecting both gamblers and the integrity of sporting events.

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