Man jailed for stealing from own mother

News on 21 Apr 2015

David Rylance (47), a trusted son, who stole GBP 52 000 from his ill mother to fund day to day living expenses, a holiday and online gambling was sentenced by a Newcastle Crown Court this week to 27 months imprisonment.

Margaret Rylance, who suffered from Alzheimers, tried to raise the alarm before her death as she realised her funds were going missing, but sadly her claims were put down to figments of her imagination due to her condition.

Rylance continued to siphon funds out of his mother’s account after her death until there was a zero balance.

“Your mother had anxieties in the last years of her life that her money was going missing, but, because of her illness, that was not taken seriously,” Judge Penny Moreland told Rylance at sentencing.

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