MGA Games launches its online version of the unrivalled roulette game Magic Red developed by SMI2000

News on 29 Aug 2022

MGA Games launches its online version of the unrivalled roulette game Magic Red developed by SMI2000

MGA Games, specialists in developing and distributing premium content for online casinos, continues to back the conversion and marketing of top-of-the-line gaming products for the digital market. On this occasion, and as announced on MGA Games Day, the company is bringing the successful Magic Red Roulette to the online universe, the renowned land-based roulette game currently being played in over 6,000 installations in gambling halls and casinos around the world.

This achievement has been possible thanks to the agreement with SMI2000, the manufacturing company from Barcelona that launched the land-based roulette game in mid-2013, and who is responsible for developing this new version.

The collaboration between both companies has been remarkable, and further success is to come. Javier Lanfranchi, Sales Director of MGA Games, comments: “We are sure that Magic Red will be an ideal complement for online casino operators. It is a great new gaming experience that, due to the success of its predecessor land-based version played in gambling halls around the world, we can safely say that this roulette game will excite online casino users.”

“To ensure that Magic Red meets customer requirements and expectations, the machine has been tried and tested by various operators and players. This has helped the development team to deliver a product with the MGA Games seal of quality” says Lanfranchi.

According to Josep Barbal, CEO of SMI2000: “It is a magnificent opportunity to enter into the world of online casinos hand-in-hand with MGA Games and extend the framework of collaborations that we have already had with the MGA Group for many years. We are sure that in the same way that MGA Industrial made Magic, Luxury, and Compact roulette games the benchmark for the land-based gaming market, we will now endeavour to do the same for online casinos.”

“Whatsmore, we are already working on new projects to accompany this product very soon. We will be making it possible for users to interact even more with the games, customising them to their liking, and acquiring exclusive products that will distinguish our games like never before seen in online casinos,” says Barbal.

The digital version of Magic Red Roulette is true to the physical game-based panel design found on machines in gaming venues. The button panel design mimics perfectly that of the roulette wheel, offering a casino quality standard, a well-thought-out user interface, and superior screen design, with the player’s comfort always in mind.

The game also stands out for its ease of use and virtual and intuitive information. The user can quickly access statistical data of the games, see their winnings and even customise the background of the roulette table. Its optimised agility and responsive design also allow quick 20-30 second games on a mobile, anytime, anywhere.

The long-awaited Magic Red Roulette game is now available for online casino operators throughout Spain on the MGA Games platform.

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