Microgaming unveils new corporate and Play It Forward websites

News on 5 Feb 2024

Microgaming unveils new corporate and Play It Forward websites

While 30 years is a milestone that very few iGaming companies get to achieve, Microgaming is proudly stepping into its fourth decade of operation with the announcement of a full visual rebrand for both its main corporate and Play It Forward websites.

The decision to update the visual language of the brand marks the beginning of what should be a transformative journey for Microgaming, with the company looking to return to its roots as a leading platform software provider – a position it has held since the business’s inception in 1994.

Though the Microgaming name and logo will remain untouched as a symbol of the company’s legacy and the 30 years of evolution it has embraced, the visual overhaul will inject new life into the brand through a contemporary look, vibrant design elements and a major focus on its people.

In doing so, Microgaming will recalibrate its value proposition from being a content aggregator to embracing its history as an established corporate platform software and technology provider – a change of direction that was set in motion by Games Global’s purchase of several of the company’s key assets including its distribution business and online games portfolio back in 2022.

With one of the key messages being that Microgaming’s pioneering platform software and technology facilitates the delivery of over 210 million bets per day and has empowered the world’s biggest online gaming brands to deliver games and sports betting seamlessly and responsibly, the new proposition will reflect not just where the brand has been, but where it’s heading in future.

Given the company has earned over 20 industry awards while championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it’s perhaps no surprise the shift in direction wasn’t only the product of boardroom decisions, but that staff also played a pivotal role in constructing the new narrative.

With this being a fitting reflection of the people-first approach Microgaming wants to encapsulate in its visual rebrand, the company has also revealed it will acknowledge the individuals and partners who have helped it become the iGaming giant it is today with a major celebration in June.

Alex Wilson, Head of Marketing at Microgaming, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be able to announce the rebranding of the corporate and Play It Forward websites at Microgaming in a move that will not only breath fresh visual life into our brand, but also redefine who we are as a business.

“Having been in the industry for 30 years, the repositioning of our value proposition will see Microgaming get back to its roots as an established corporate platform software and technology provider while simultaneously celebrating the people who’ve helped get us to where we are today. As such, it marks the start of what promises to be a transformative journey for the company as we enter a new chapter in our development and we can’t wait to share it with our iGaming peers.”

Source: Press Release

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