New Jersey land casino owners oppose expansion of online gambling to racetracks

News on 14 Dec 2016

Citing the voter rejection of a recent proposal to expand land casino gambling beyond Atlantic City, the Casino Association of New Jersey signalled its opposition Tuesday to a fresh proposal by lawmakers that would allow the Monmouth and Meadowlands racetracks to offer off-track online casino gambling in partnership with Atlantic City casinos that have online assets.

The Association said that the proposal goes against the will of New Jersey voters who recently opposed the land casino expansion plan in a referendum.

In a press statement, the Association commented:

“Last month, New Jersey voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure that would allow casinos in northern New Jersey, delivering a resounding no to casino development outside of Atlantic City. Despite that statement by the people of this state just last month, legislation was almost immediately moved that would effectively allow casino slot machines at New Jersey racetracks outside of Atlantic City.”

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