New Jersey regulator refines online gambling rules

News on 9 Sep 2017

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement recently released regulatory updates that observers have described as practical in nature.

Among the amendments are provisions to upgrade the status of ACH payments from temporarily permitted to permanently allowed. Automated Clearing House is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States which is already in wide use by online operators.

Similarly, temporary regulations on progressive jackpots are now upgraded to permanent.

The changes also now permit “bet behind” wagers for live dealer blackjack, enabling spectators to bet on player-dealer hands – a common practice in Europe. Live dealer action in the New Jersey online gambling environment is currently offered only by Betfair and Golden Nugget.

Operators are now faced with a requirement that a full-time Information Security Officer be employed, reporting to the operator company’s audit committee and independent of the IT department. He or she will be responsible for online security policies and the creation of internal controls. The requirement is that the ISO “…is responsible for the integrity and security of all casino computer systems, including the protection against data breaches.”

In that goal the ISO is aided by a requirement that remote gaming technology providers are required to ensure the security of their systems.

Other changes require KYC attention in that punters must establish a physical residential address and not as has been the case previously merely give a post office box address.

On the responsible gambling front there are now provisions that allow an online punter to suspend gambling activity on his or her account without the formality of self-excluding.

Finally, the temporary regulation calling for a review and possible suspension of online gambling activity in 2020 has been removed, ensuring that New Jersey online gambling is now fully legal and authorised in perpetuity by the state.

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