EnergyCasino gets its brand out there

News on 5 Apr 2016

EnergyCasino Partners has come up with a marketing ploy that invites affiliates to publicise its online casino brand in return for a Euro 15 credit to their business accounts.

“Genuine, original, well-written articles, posted on niche gaming forums and sites should always be a central plank of any marketing strategy, and we want to encourage that,” the company explains in a press release.

“That’s why we are offering a special bonus of Euro 15 for affiliates who write an article about one of our recent big winners. It’s nice and simple, all you have to do is write a minimum of 500 words, publish it on a gaming site or forum, and send your affiliate manager the link to prove its live. In return we will credit your account with Euro 15.”

The presser points out that the publicity is a two-way street: “The actual value of it to you, as an affiliate, will likely be much higher. Write an article that leads to sign-ups and deposits and the sky really is the limit. It could well end up being one of the most lucrative things you will do,” it claims.

The offer, which runs until April 11, is only valid for one original article per affiliate, and participants have access to downloadable visual material to support their editorial.

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