Online gambling advertising restrictions loom in Italy

News on 15 Jun 2018

Fears that Italy’s new coalition government would live up to its anti-gambling rhetoric during the elections were realised this week when the new deputy prime minister and leader of the Five Star populist political movement, Luigi De Maio, called for a ban on all gambling advertising and sponsorships.

Di Maio revealed that legislative proposals have already been framed and introduced to parliament to give effect to such a ban as the beginning of more restrictions on the gambling industry.

The proposals include language that prohibits “…any form, direct or indirect, of advertising propaganda, of commercial communication, sponsorship or promotion of brands or products of games with cash prizes, offered in collection networks, both physical and online.”

The deputy prime minister has commented that the new government’s intention is to restrict but not abolish gambling, explaining that the latter outcome would only push the industry underground and into the hands of organised crime.

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