Optima Gaming cuts delivery time by 40 percent with Oracle cloud

News on 9 Feb 2018

Seville-based interactive sports betting and gaming software and services provider Optima Gaming is utilising Oracle Cloud to increase the availability and stability of its platforms.

Optima, whose global customers are geographically spread across the world – including the UK, Bulgaria, South Africa and Sweden, processes over a billion transactions each year, reaching peaks of up to 300,000 transactions per minute.

The company said utilisation of the Oracle Cloud had increased project delivery time by up to 40 percent while enabling Optima Gaming to provide its customers with greater availability of their infrastructure and fast, high capacity growth.

“The gaming sector is a highly regulated environment, and in many cases you have to inform the regulator where the transactions are physically,” explained Jacob López, CEO of Optima. “While the Cloud may seem like an opposite solution to that, with Oracle Cloud Bare Metal we can meet those requirements by focusing cloud services on physical locations.

“In addition, it has allowed us to multiply transaction capacity and offer our service without points of failure.”

“The Oracle Cloud Bare Metal proposal enables service offering in the cloud but located in physical machines, combining the elasticity and utility of the public cloud with the granular control, security and predictability of the local infrastructure,” added Fabian Gradolph, head of corporate communications for Oracle Iberia.
“In this way it is possible to offer high performance infrastructure services, with effective availability and cost.

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