Pennsylvania & Virginia Multi-State eInstant Delivers Record Win

News on 31 Oct 2023

Pennsylvania & Virginia Multi-State eInstant Delivers Record Win

Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a leading supplier of eInstant games to NASPL/WLA-member lotteries, congratulates the winner of a record-setting $1.9 million prize from its multi-state eInstant progressive jackpot, Mega Money Jackpots.

The win occurred in Virginia and sets a new U.S. iLottery record for the largest eInstant prize.

In less than four months, Mega Money Jackpots in Pennsylvania and Virginia has created four new millionaires. Mega Money Jackpots players from these two lotteries have won individual Mega jackpot prizes of $1.9 million, $1.8 million, $1.3 million, and $1 million. Since launch on July 11, more than 85 players across both lotteries have won Mega and Minor jackpots totaling over $7.6 million.

The amount and frequency of these prizes showcases the excitement of IWG’s Mega Money Jackpots. To achieve this, select eInstant games from participating lotteries each contribute a small percentage of the sales to fund the progressive prize, with IWG administering the settlement of jackpot prize monies on a turnkey basis.

The multi-state eInstant progressive jackpot is powered by IWG’s InstantJackpots. Since all functionality is contained within IWG’s InstantRGS (remote game server), no development support is required by either lottery’s iLottery platform provider. Additionally, new lotteries can join the system regardless of their iLottery platform provider.

Jason Lisiecki, EVP Global at IWG, said: “Many congratulations to all the Mega Money Jackpots winners! It’s fantastic to see the positive impact that Mega Money Jackpots has already had since going live less than four months ago. Credit to both Pennsylvania and Virginia lotteries for pioneering the industry’s first multi-state eInstant progressive jackpot, which is regularly awarding life-changing moments to many of their lucky players. We look forward to expanding the Mega Money Jackpots program and creating many more millionaires.”

Source: Press Release

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