Playtech investors concerned at exec pay

News on 16 May 2018

Playtech‘s agm today (Wednesday) may be a lively affair following reports that some investors – among them major stakeholders – are disturbed at the size of executive pay rises in an environment where company growth has slowed and a warning issued on further declines in 2018.

The Financial Times and other publications reported earlier this week that concerns centre on CEO Mor Weizer’s 78 percent annual increase to almost GBP 4.2 million with proxy advisers Institutional Shareholder Services leading in calls for explanations from company chairman Alan Jackson and his board committee on remuneration.

The concerned investors have claimed that the level of bonuses awarded this year is not justified by Playtech’s performance, and have expressed concerns regarding corporate governance.

Shareholder revolts over executive pay have become something of a trend in UK public companies in recent years.

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