RockYou acquires social Solitaire titles from Mavenhut

News on 20 Jul 2015

US interactive media firm, RockYou, has clinched a licensing deal for MavenHut’s Solitaire Arena and Solitaire 3 Arena, the popular cross-platform games for iOS, Android, and Facebook.

“These are more classic titles that we can enable to live on and engage our users with for years to come, while we continue expanding our mobile reach and provide entertaining content that consumers love,” commented RockYou chief executive officer Lisa Marino.

Under the terms of the deal, MavenHut will transfer the trademarks of the two games and will license the source code to RockYou allowing the company to further expand their Solitaire franchise on the mobile market.

MavenHut claims some impressive results concerning the two games, saying they were in the top 100 most monetised Facebook games and represented around 60 percent of revenues.

“This doubles our daily active reach in the U.S.,” added Marino.  “We are excited about what we can do. We love casual casino games and this fits squarely in that space.”

The consideration was not disclosed.