Russian federal tax moves continue

News on 11 Apr 2016

Further details on proposed online gambling taxation in Russia have been revealed on the national parliament’s (Duma) website, confirming earlier reports of hefty taxation hikes (see previous bulletins).

The new tax rate for online bet processing centre (TSUPIS) betting operators will be up to RUB 3 million (US$45,000).

In cases when the tax rates are not determined by the laws of a particular province or region, a bookmaker will have to pay a tax of RUB 2.5 million per TSUPIS.

Players with wins below RUB 4,000 will not be taxed, but bookmakers will have to act as tax collectors for wins above RUB 15,000 under the legislation, which is expected to become effective early in 2017.

Meanwhile, the publication Russkaya Planeta (Russian planet), has reported that Russian MP Ilya Kostunov of the ruling United Russia party is preparing a bill that will ban online betting across the nation. Kostunov claims that his motivation is to protect underage and problem gamblers.

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