Russian parliament to start debate on significant gambling tax increases

News on 2 Nov 2017

Reports earlier this year that the Russian government plans a series gambling tax increases that will ultimately reach a level ten times that at present by 2020 (see previous  report) have been followed by the news this week that on November 10 the Russian Duma will consider the first tranche of these increases

The draft legislation from the Ministry of Finance calls for gaming tables taxation to rise to the equivalent of $4300, from the current $863, whilst slot taxes will go up to $250 from the current $51.

Russian lawmakers will also consider a tax rise on the TSUPIS payment hubs of $51,000 from the present $43,000, according to local media reports.

The new taxes are part of the 2018-2020 budget proposals and represent the start of a steady and steep escalation in taxes for gambling companies.

The Ministry claims that the Russian tax regime hasn’t changed in 13 years.

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