Sky Betting gets closer to players with Signal software

The use of specialised software from saas technology provider Signal has enabled Sky Betting and Gaming to not only improve its service to players, but boost its betting placements by 15 percent, the publication Digital City reports.

Sky's head of data, Andrew Walton, said a key part of the company’s strategy is to build personalised relationships with its two million UK customers, and the Signal software had delivered the capability to recognise customers instantly, enabling Sky to deliver relevant messages at crucial marketing moments in real time and across diverse devices; improving customer engagement.

“Earlier this year, we engaged with marketing technology company, Signal, and have since adopted its Customer Identity Solution. The purpose-built platform enables us to reach customers at the awareness and consideration stage of their journey; that is, before they visit our products,” Walton revealed.

“It translates data into unique and instantly refreshable customer profiles, giving us ownership of the customer relationship. We can communicate to customers based on their sporting preferences, behaviours and level of engagement. If an individual is browsing information about Leeds United, for example, our marketers can present highly relevant offers.

“Our early trials have shown up to a 15 percent increase in bet placement following Signal powered campaigns. With rich data assets, a real-time platform in place and great teams, Sky Betting and Gaming have many more ground-breaking, data-driven developments in the pipeline.”

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