Spigo launch Yukon21

News on 7 Feb 2018

Privately-owned Danish online gambling software provider Spigo has released its ‘Yukon21’ title, a single-player game set in Alaska, circa 1890, during the gold rush.

The game is based around making tricks with a sum of 21, Aces have the value 1 or 11, while picture cards have the value of 10, and the remaining cards have their printed value.

Yukon21 is played by placing one card at a time on a card pile, if the sum of the cards in the pile reaches 21, players get a trick and the pile is cleared.  However, if the sum goes above 21, its a bust and the game is over!

To win the game players need to use all the cards in tricks or the ones placed in piles. Each win awards gold dust which can be carried over from one game to the next. Once the glass is filled with gold dust, a Jackpot Spin is awarded with a guaranteed prize and a chance at the Jackpot prize.

The game presents in three levels, catering to players from beginner to advanced.

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