Surprise findings in New Mexico gambling research

News on 30 Oct 2018

Only 0.8 percent of respondents to a recent independent research project carried out in Mexico described themselves as online gamblers…the least popular form of gambling in Mexico, the project ultimately discovered.

Carried out by Institute of Legal Research at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the study found that the most common characteristics of online gamblers in Mexico was not too dissimilar to that found in other nations – 25-34 age group; tertiary education and generally in the higher earning bracket.

On gambling participation overall, a minority percentage of respondents (21 percent) said they had gambled, whilst 78 percent said it was not for them…yet an overwhelming 85 percent did not perceive gambling as a slothful or immoral pastime.

The land casino business does not appear to doing that well in terms of players, either; just 16.4 percent of respondents said they had visited a land casino.

And whilst national lotteries are the most popular gambling destination in many nations, in Mexico it appears this vertical is second in popularity to gaming with family and friends in the home environment.

Mexicans also share the international enjoyment of slots, in the case of Mexico mainly those situated in small retail betting shops; full-on casino and bingo halls only ranked fourth in their appeal to Mexican punters, trailed by sports betting.

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