Sweden leads European iGaming IPO’s

News on 19 Jun 2018

A Bloomberg report lists the Stockholm Stock Exchange as leading European iGaming initial public offerings (IPO).

The most recent IPO’s include Better Collective A/S, Aspire Global AB and LeoVegas AB joining 16 other listed iGaming firms on the stock exchange.

Adam Kostyal, head of Nasdaq’s European listings says Sweden enjoys a concentration of entrepreneurs “who’ve proved early adopters of technology and innovation” as an explanation for the local iGaming cluster.

“There’s a handful of international companies that are actively evaluating a new or parallel listing in Stockholm right now, both on the main market and the First North” alternative platform, Kostyal told Bloomberg in a phone interview.

Combined with the London Stock Exchange, Sweden and the U.K. dominate the iGaming industry in terms of listings, Kostyal said, together they account for around 80 percent of the value of iGaming firms listed in Europe.

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