Trada Casino introduces withdrawal locking for players

News on 1 Sep 2018

The management at Trada Casino is getting out ahead of regulatory trends with the introduction of a new “Withdrawal Locking” option for its players, helping them to keep their pending winnings intact and free from the temptation of cancelling withdrawals in order to plough winnings back into more action.

Our readers will recall that just this week two online gambling companies changed their T&Cs to a more player-friendly nature following an investigation and findings by the UK Gambling Commission and the Competition and Markets Authority regarding withdrawal and confiscation financial policies by operators.

Players have long lamented the temptation that slow withdrawals represent for online punters who often cannot resist the urge to cancel their pending withdrawals and plough the rewards back into more gambling, with the possibility of losing it all back to the operator.

Trada has reacted to this player feedback by removing the need to contact Support with a request for a withdrawal to be locked. Instead, the operator has placed control of pending withdrawals in the hands of the player through simple direct account instructions. And once a pending withdrawal has been locked it will stay that way through to actual payment – there’s no going back once a player had made the locking decision.

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