UK Competitions Authority investigating The Stars Group Sky Betting & Gaming acquisition

News on 11 Jul 2018

The UK Competition Markets Authority (CMA), in a public advisory Wednesday, said it had launched an investigation into the completed acquisition of Sky Betting & Gaming by The Stars Group’s Stars UK subsidiary.

According to the documentation an initial enforcement order was served on July 6, 2018 on the Stars Group Inc. and subsidiary Stars Group Holdings (UK) Limited, in relation to the acquisition by Stars Group Holdings (UK) Limited of Cyan Blue Topco Limited, which controls the Sky Betting & Gaming group.

The initial enforcement order states that Sky Betting & Gaming and The Stars Group, or any of its subsidiaries, must remain distinct including maintaining separate sales and brand identities.

“The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has reasonable grounds for suspecting that it is or may be the case that arrangements are in progress or in contemplation which, if carried into effect, will result in The Stars Group Inc. (Stars) and its subsidiary Stars Group Holdings (UK) Limited (Stars UK) ceasing to be distinct from Cyan Blue Topco Limited (Cyan), which controls the Sky Bet & Gaming group of companies (together, the Sky Betting & Gaming group)”, the order reads.

The full order can be read here.

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