Ultimate 10x Wild slot can give a welcome boost to players

The launch at Liberty online casin this week of WGS' Ultimate 10X Wild slot has again focused attention on the Wild X series from the developer and its “Must Win” progressive jackpot feature.

The series is designed primarily for mobile casino punters but is also available in desktop format.

Ultimate 10X Wild is the second in the series, joining 7x Lucky 7s as part of the next generation of feature-packed three-reel slot games specifically designed for a mobile gaming environment.

The game has two Wild symbols that multiply wins up to 100x the triggering bet, and boasts a RTP of over 96 percent.

The popular “Must Win” progressive jackpot feature is again included, and is guaranteed to trigger before it rises above $25,000, at any time by any coin value combination, although playing more coins (maximum three) increases chances of winning the jackpot.

Last month, Kim D of Pennsylvania was playing 7x Lucky 7s, placing small bets, when the game randomly triggered the jackpot and she won $19,429.51 on a single spin.

“I didn't even know about the Must Win feature,” she told a customer service rep at Liberty Slots. “So you can imagine how surprised I was when my three cent bet paid out that much!”

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