Ultra-low latency streaming from Vermantia 

News on 3 Dec 2018

Content solution provider Vermantia has launched a new “ultra-low latency streaming service” for its retail and online partners.

Benefits of the service include betting with less than one second latency and support of a comprehensive virtual games portfolio and international live sports events, providing a real-time streaming experience, bespoke to each operator’s needs and network size.

The service is available as a stand-alone or as a complementary to an existing broadcast solution.

Vermantia COO George Fotopoulos :

“A reliable streaming product which combines the highest picture quality with genuine low-latency in a cost-effective solution is a must for any successful operator these days.

“Harnessed with comprehensive data, it provides customers with a compelling product that delivers the thrill of live sporting action in-shop or to the finger-tips of their mobile or desktop device.”

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