Visionary iGaming improves streaming capability

News on 25 Oct 2011

NetroMedia, a Vancouver streaming media company, has revealed that it is to add five new streams for live-dealer casino platform provider Visionary iGaming by the end of the year.
ViG, whose viewership has grown by four times year over year, attributes its success in part to the high quality streaming provided by the company.
In order to provide a real casino experience and maintain fair play, ViG must provide high quality video with next to no time delay for the end user, says Anton Bargel, the product manager for ViG.
“NetroMedia’s real time streaming, or low latency streaming, means that delays are imperceptible to viewers,” he said.
“Real time casino experiences are growing in popularity. More and more, random number generated online casino software is taking a backseat because today’s users are more interested in an interactive platform with all the sights and sounds of a real casino.”

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