Zynga to relaunch online gaming website

News on 22 Mar 2013

Reuters reports the imminent re-launch of social gaming giant Zynga’s online gaming website within the next week.

The launch will allow users to play Zynga games for the first time without having to first sign-in to social network Facebook.  The move follows an amendment to the special relationship previously held between Facebook and Zynga since 2007 .

According to Tim Catlin, general manager of Zynga.com, players often prefer to play games without being connected to their Facebook account with the use of unique names that have no relationship to their social networking profile, although players will still have the functionality to log-in to Facebook should they choose.

“We’ve been able to greatly streamline that process,” Catlin said of the new Zynga.com website, which has been in the works for the past year.

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