UKash is an extremely popular alternative payment method for casino players in the UK and Europe. It’s not accepted by as many online casinos as some of the other payment methods available for players to use to fund their casino accounts, but it is growing in popularity with UK casinos due to the safe and secure transactions that it provides.

UKash has a reliable name behind it since it is regulated by the UK’s Financial Services Authority. What’s great about UKash is that unlike many other alternative transaction methods used by online casino players, it works as both a personal account to facilitate transfers to online casinos, and a merchant account for those who plan on getting involved with sales on sites like EBay, so it’s multi-purposeful.

Other alternative payment methods still require players to have a card, similar to a credit card to make even their online transactions, but there is no physical card provided by UKash. Instead a unique 19-digit number is generated for each user, and since information is kept solely online on a well-protected network, the lack of card provides additional security since no one can physically get their hands on it and use it unauthorized.

Although UKash is a popular alternative payment method for UK online casinos, it is accepted other places online so players don’t have to create multiple accounts with different providers for various uses. And best of all? It’s absolutely free!