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hummas on December 11, 2014. Reply

hey i put big bets they dissconnect me when i call them they just go in circle
not solving my issues big scam 888 casino guys save your money dont play

siloahclot on December 10, 2014. Reply

Played here for about 3 days. I got a good vibe from the place. Some swings that seemed a bit out of the ordinary but perhaps that was just my mojo. Nearly made it to my playthrough requirements but went busto anyway. I would recommend this place and might come back in a bit. Definitely think i can find some better sign up bonuses elsewhere tho

John Molendijk on December 4, 2014. Reply

888 casino doesn’t pay out their customers. They will wait as long as they can, or even longer. They don’t care about their members, it’s awfull. When deposits are made everythings OK, when withdrawals are made bells ring!! Gave about four types of ID, still they won’t reply on my E-mails (more than a week now), quite odd as that is the only visible form of communicaion with you can have with them. I hope they find the decency to contact me and settle this matter, or else I will take different measures and will do anything I can as an upcoming lawyer.

littllill on December 9, 2014. Reply

John, that is simply not true. I have been playing there for more than a decade and have been paid every single time. They certainly do not advertise withdrawals and they try to keep you there even after requesting a withdrawal but which casino doesn’t? It is not my favorite but its not that bad either.

dafkid on December 4, 2014. Reply

this is the bigest fake casino what i ever seen. 100 pond with slots 0.40/spin. No bonus game, No free spin nothing. Only got 0.10 – 1 pound win. But after all loose. Yes really 130.000 pond bonus? When u enter the game just shown 120.000.

Dennis Lemay on November 23, 2014. Reply

Used to like 888 but have lost a bundle recently due to server problems of theirs, get a few lousy free tournaments as an apology. This site is becoming a farce.

Zarren on November 10, 2014. Reply

Lot’s of bad comments here from sore loosers. I find 888casino to be great. Never except bonuses from ANY casino they always come with a catch. 888’s withdrawal process is slow but so are a lot of other casinos and it’s not an unreasonable time to wait. Also as you play and withdraw more they do become quicker to process the transaction. I suppose it works as a security buffer too.

I’ve played @ 888 for around four years and am happy with the experience and would recommend to others.

Also regarding the fixing poker for UK players comment. That’s bullturd, I’m English and my cards don’t transform in front of my eyes. Your cards are dealt and you play the game :D stop thinking you deserve to win all the time sometimes you will be unlucky !! Unless your cheating lol

JANIS on November 4, 2014. Reply

Hello guys. Really bad expereince in 888 and here is what I have discovered: There is a plenty of unsupportable things and I completely agree with all the people posted their comments before, but actually there is also some script which see where U actually from. If you are from UK, (where 888 is hosted), you will be have a bit more chance to win in poker games, where you fighting for other's money. The other guys who are from outside UK have smaller chance to win. I already have proved it. I played A LOT of times poker, and I practically ALWAYS had unlucky hand when UK player shove ALLIN (ha – ha just for fun to see how you fold), and you agree. As the result, he magically gets at least 3 of kind or better combinaton (having pushed you with "2 spade" and "4 diamond") for example. THINK HARD THINK TWICE before deposit your money. If you agree to play for fun and lose your money, do it. Voila!

jim on November 4, 2014. Reply

I can live with the fact that a withdrawal can take 7-10 business days, but I always know they will ask me for verification..this kind of stuff always worries me and it really can add a lot of unnecessary stress to a person who could have potential won life changing money. Prior to a big win I'd already sent in documents to verify my identity, yet once I requested a cash out they sent me an email maybe 2 days later saying I needed to provide photo proof of a UKASH voucher I once purchased to deposit. That is absolutely insane and thank god I still had it…but those vouchers are garbage after u use them, I very well could have thrown it in the trash …and then what id be screwed? I received my money, also they skim you on the exchange rate USD – CDN. It really makes me nervous to play again because I know if I win the same stuff will happen

FrasD11 on November 4, 2014. Reply

I have recently played on 888 live casino and had major problems while playing blackjack. I have played on the site on many occasions without problems but last night my balance kept disappearing half way through a game making me unable to bet on the next hand.
Anyone who plays blackjack will know that if you want to win you need a stratagy, increasing the bet size if you lose a hand as your odds of winning are higher. Their software problem kept breaking my stratagy. I had to contact live support on over 7 occasions and they had no explanation.
I spoke to other players who also had the same problems yet 888 not seeming to do anything about it!
I am a platinum member and will not be using the site again if they do not reply to my complaint and offer me a refund for the money.

888 you need to fix this problem now!

User FrasD11

Darren on December 3, 2014. Reply


I had the same problem on Saturday night. Did you resolve it with 888?

Vonne... on August 3, 2014. Reply

don't play on 888. costume service is really bad. Players change nick names all the time. Bad security. Today I just quit playing there because off how they treat people over telephone. And if u deposit over telephone and ask for bonus they always try to get you to deposit more for a bonus. And they say this is the only bonus available on your account. If I call up and talk with another they say something complete different. But today I was finish with their lies and unfair treatment. I have played there for 3 years. But enough is enough. Today I was really pissed off. I know im right but they pretend they always have right. And it seam so rigged. Allways when u have almost all your money in a hand and youre in front and then boom another player hit lucky on last card, or you have house and another get bigger house. That's how u always lose money in the end on this site. And they don't car about if they lose costumers, but you know what, one costumer here, and one there, gets a full sea. And ppl will talk bad about this site and not recommend it to others, but seams like they don't care about losing one costumer here and there. Don't play on this site!

Pete Gmeinweser on April 9, 2014. Reply

Made a deposit to the site and the money has totally disappeared. Never credited to my account. No one there seems to know what happened or to seem to really care. I'll stick to Pokerstars !

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