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New software rule impact Chinese cyber cafes

4 Dec 2008

In a move that could make online access to gambling and other forbidden practices from cyber cafes more difficult, authorities in the southern Chinese city of Nanchang now require that Internet cafes install Chinese-developed operating systems, raising new concerns over cyber-snooping by authorities, reports Associated Press.

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Chinese censors at work again

22 Dec 2008

The world’s largest Internet population – the Chinese – were deprived of access to the New York Times last Friday, according to the newspaper.

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New games from Spinomenal

12 Jul 2016

Software developer Spinomenal released six new HTML5-built slot games through various online operators this week, all of which can be demo-ed through the developer’s website. New titles comprise Pond of Koi, Wild Wild West, Chinese Lucky Charms, Mythology, Prize Fighters and Soccer Babes.

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Chinese games publisher latest target in chinese government crackdown

9 Mar 2018

General online games publishing house Tap Tap in China has been fined $50,000 and suspended for three months after admitting that its systems failed to ensure that all foreign games passing through its doors receive the approval of the Chinese government. Strict rules guarding against criminal activity, violence and pornography are applied by the government …

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Chinese crackdown on Macau money laundering

9 May 2014

Spurred on by complaints from microlenders and pawn shops who see as much as 40 percent erosion of their business through luckless gamblers resorting to bank cards rather than selling property to cover land gambling debts, the Chinese government has embarked on a crackdown at UnionPay, the only legal domestic bank-card organisation available to Chinese …

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Philippines senate to investigate influx of Chinese online gambling workers

24 Nov 2018

Chinese workers taking online gambling jobs in the Philippines from the locals is once again creating heated debate in the nation following last week’s police action in Pasig City, which resulted in the detention of over a hundred individuals on online gambling charges, 87 of them Chinese nationals (see previous report). On Friday Sen. Joel …

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There´s more to come, warns Chinese Minister

28 Feb 2010

Commenting on the recent slew of arrests in raids on Internet gambling operations in China, a director of the government’s cyber security bureau warned this week that there was more of the same in the pipeline.

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October Chinese lottery sales up 8.3 percent

24 Nov 2016

Figures released this week by the Chinese Finance Ministry show that lottery sales continue to rise, up 8.3 percent year-on-year in October to RMB 33.8 billion (US$ 4.9 billion). The Sports Lottery outperformed the Welfare Lottery in percentage terms, rising 10.9 percent to RMB 16.5 billion, whilst Welfare sales were up 6 percent at RMB …

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Changes at the top for Chinese online lottery operator

23 Jan 2017

Chinese online lottery operator has announced major executive changes to the company with the apparently amicable departure of director and chairman Man San Law, as well as director Weiguo Zhao from its board of directors, effective January 20, 2017. In a stock exchange filing Sunday the changes were announced, with Lian Qi taking over …

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Chinese gambling ring chief loses battle to stay in the Philippines

7 Aug 2015

Alleged illegal Chinese gambling ring head man Wang Bo has lost his running battle with the Philippines Bureau of Immigration to stay in Manila and was deported back to China Thursday to face charges in that country. Our readers may recall that Ho’s well-funded attempts to stay in the Philippines resulted in the investigation of …

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Chinese police continue illegal gambling crackdown

7 Jul 2014

The unrelenting pressure on both land and online gambling during the football World Cup – especially in Asia – has continued this week, with the Shanghai police reporting the arrest of 32 persons and the seizure of 2.4 million yuan ($386,400) in illegal wager funds. 11 main suspects among the 32 arrested were detained, with …

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Chinese authoritites detail anti-online gambling action

13 Jun 2010

Chinese enforcement officials have unveiled some interesting statistics related to the country’s determined assault on illegal online gambling websites, reports The China Daily.

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Legal online gambling in a Chinese province?

2 Feb 2018

Bloomberg business news reported Friday that the Chinese government is seriously considering  a proposal to permit online gaming, a lottery or sports betting in Hainan, a strategic southern province roughly the size of Switzerland. Sources informed Bloomberg that China is drafting a proposal in an unprecedented move that could reshape gaming in China’s territories and …

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More details emerge on mass Chinese escape in philippines

1 Dec 2016

There appears to be some confusion over exactly how many Chinese individuals detained by Philippines Immigration officials managed to escape in the early hours of last Thursday. When news of the escapes surfaced this week the number of escapees was given as 70, all but 26 of whom had been recaptured, however a different story …

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Philippines police detain more Chinese online gambling employees

28 Feb 2017

The presidentially-driven initiative against illegal online gambling operators in the Philippines continued Monday with the arrest in a police raid in Pasig of 15 Chinese and one Filipino national. Philippine National Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Dionardo Carlos said agents of the Anti-Cybercrime Group served a search warrant on YD International Inc., at the 18th floor …

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More Chinese arrests by Philippines immigration officials

14 Sep 2015

The Manila Times reported over the weekend that the Philippines Bureau of Immigration has apprehended and deported large numbers of Chinese for illegally working, many at online gambling companies, this year…and many more have mysteriously been released after being arrested, possibly due to official corruption. Our  readers will recall the high profile case of alleged …

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Thousands of Chinese officials punished for gambling

14 Oct 2014

Thousands of Chinese ruling party and provincial government officials have been shamed and punished for gambling since mid-2013, according to a report in the Shanghai Daily newspaper this week. A report published by the central government reveals that 7,162 officials were punished, based in more than 30 cities and provinces, with east China’s Zhejiang and …

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Billions involved in Chinese crackdown

15 Sep 2010

Senior officials in the Chinese government speaking at a conference this week revealed the extent of the known illegal internet gambling business in China, informing delegates that the police had instigated 1 400 internet gambling prosecutions over the period January to August 2010 in a nationwide enforcement drive.

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Cambodia deports large contingent of Chinese nationals

12 Apr 2018

The Khmer Times reported Thursday that the Cambodian Immigration Police deported 89 Chinese on Wednesday in connection with online gambling and Voice over Internet Protocol extortion scams. Lieutenant General Uk Heisela, head of investigations with the General Immigration Department, said that those deported included 15 women, and that the deportees were divided into two groups, …

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Continued growth for Chinese lottery sales

21 Apr 2017

China’s Ministry of Finance has released the March sales figures for Chinese lotteries, showcasing continue growth. Year-on-year, overall lottery sales rose 6.3 percent in March to the equivalent of US$5.5 billion, with Welfare sales up 3.8 percent to CNY 19.8 billion in the month, and Sports lottery sales up 9.2 percent to CNY 18.1 billion. …

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Hope resurges for Chinese online lottery operators

16 Oct 2015

The shares of Chinese online lottery sales companies received a boost this week on news that the Chinese central government has allowed provincial authorities to approve lottery sales and pay-outs without waiting for central government approval. The Bloomberg business news service reports that shares in Hong Kong-based advanced 6.2 percent to $20.20 on Thursday, …

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Chinese gambling ring bust in Thailand

24 May 2017

Thai Police have arrested 13 suspects alleged to have been running an illegal online gambling syndicate in the coastal town, and tourist hotspot, Pattaya. The crackdown follows a previous investigation in which the arrest of five of the Chinese suspects, alleged to have been part of the gambling ring, led to further raids and the …

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Chinese stampede stymies Cambodian land casino operators

4 Mar 2016

Actions by Cambodian, Interpol and Chinese enforcement agencies in Sihanoukville, Cambodia late last year continue to impact the local mainly casino gambling economy, reports the Phnom Penh Post this week. The enforcement action resulted in the arrest of 168 Chinese individuals in a raid on a local residential compound, and was reportedly targeted on breaking …

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Chinese lawmaker’s comments unlikely to help Macau

4 Dec 2014

Macau is too dependent on gambling and needs to diversify, the chairman of China’s Basic Law Committee, Li Fei, told Hong Kong media reporters this week, expressing opinions that are unlikely to boost the morale of operators in a market that has been declining for the past six months and shows little sign of immediate …

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