Chinese police given more bite

News on 4 Jan 2019

Chinese police will kick off February 2019 in a far more powerful position having been afforded powers to freeze personal cyber accounts for up to six months or longer and  conduct remote and online retrieval of electronic data by the Ministry of Public Security.

The country’s internet regulator will also clamp down on websites not in line with laws and regulations, Xinhua reports, as industry observers brand new guidelines as draconian ‘China-like’ cybersecurity law.

In related news, China’s Anhui Province Police have detained ten people in an online gambling bust reported to have made around US$10.5 million.

The ring was brought to light when an aggrieved punter approached authorities to report heavy gambling losses of over US$ 72,786 wracked up in a single year.

The operation allegedly attracted over 1,000 punters who placed bets via instant messaging app, QQ.

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