Another change at the top for Ontario Lottery and Gaming

News on 23 Jan 2014

Veteran Ontario Lottery and Gaming vice president Tom Marinelli will yet again be stepping up to temporarily take the reins of the organisation when the current CEO, Rod Phillips, leaves for the private sector after two-and-half-years in the hot seat.

Phillips announced this week his impending February departure for an undisclosed private sector position, propelling Marinelli once more into the gap that will be left at the top of the executive tree.

Marinelli has seen it all before, most recently when Phillips’ predecessor Paul Godfrey left after disagreements with the then state premier .

The parting with OLG appears to amicable enough, with senior people saying all the right things about Phillips’ tenure of office.

It is thought unlikely that Phillips’ departure will disrupt the Canadian province’s progress towards the launch of online gambling in partnership with Spielo G2 following a five-year agreement to operate,  following the examples set by British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec.

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