BetUP for Unibet

News on 2 Feb 2016

Unibet will offer BetUP, a live betting game with a casual sports fan appeal, following a deal with Commologic.

The product, which combines different gaming genres into a second-screen, live sports betting experience, will be available on Unibet’s desktop, mobile and tablet channels.

“At Unibet we are very much focused on innovation and we believe that BetUP has great potential as a fan engagement tool,” Erik Bäcklund, Head of Sportsbook at Unibet, said.

“Both the online gaming industry and the way we consume media are changing and BetUP provides a friendly and entertaining second-screen live betting experience for casual players.

“We expect the product to be popular with existing customers, but also to act as a solid entry point for the less betting-savvy sports fans, who currently don’t bet online.”

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