Gaming industry joins together to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees

News on 4 Mar 2022

Gaming industry joins together to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees

The global gambling industry is a family and what has become clear over the past few days is the strength of collective responsibility everyone feels in providing assistance to the people of Ukraine. Most organisations employ people from the country, have done business or shared a drink with Ukrainians. Above all, the industry has many friends there.

This is why several organisations within the gambling sector have been working together to set up a mechanism for the sector to help the Ukrainian people at this time, via this GoFundMe campaign.

The Gaming Industry for Ukraine initiative aims to raise £250,000 for Choose Love’s Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser, which supports projects providing vital aid to the refugees that are being created by Russia’s war on Ukraine. In the first 72 hours, donations have already flooded in from generous and concerned companies and individuals.

Donations can be made by clicking the link here.

“We elected to support Choose Love after extensive research, as they can make use of the funds raised in the quickest and most efficient manner by assisting those who need it the most. We urge every company who can to join us in this effort” – said a spokesperson for Gaming Industry for Ukraine.

Choose Love is raising money for those who are delivering essential aid and services to those still in, and fleeing, the country, including: emergency medical care, food, shelter, clothes, legal support, support for the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health support.

It is not just cash donations that the campaign is collecting. We are also appealing to companies with leftover or unused merchandise such as power banks, towels, water bottles, and clothing to send in to help the aid effort. Many companies will have unused stock from planned promotional activities over the past couple of years for events that didn’t happen and this stock can provide a massive boost for refugees who have left behind all their possessions. Companies wishing to donate products or superfluous stock should contact

We know many people have already launched their own inspiring efforts but this has been set up to provide a way for the industry to provide fast and effective support. By working collectively, we can support our friends and colleagues from Ukraine, and show that the gambling industry can be a force for good.

“Many of our IT developers have joined the Territory Defence, and many others are helping to build protections on the streets. Where there were nice flowers and fountains, now we build anti-tank protection and positions for machine guns. But at the same time we as a company have obligations for our partners, so from different places in Ukraine, sometimes even from underground – wherever you can catch mobile internet or get a laptop – people are doing their job. People are getting used to living with alarms and explosions and spending nights in the underground.”
Sergei Efimenko, CEO Atlas – in Ukraine

To make a donation to the Gaming Industry for Ukraine campaign click here

Source: Press Release

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