Israeli court orders ISP blocking

Israeli police and prosecutors have been successful in applying to the Tel Aviv District Court for an injunction ordering Israeli Internet Service Providers to domain-block three online gambling websites alleged to be illegally accessing Israeli online punters.

The sites were identified as, and, according to the publication CTech.

Under Israel's wide-ranging Powers to Prevent Offenses Through an Internet Site Law 5767-2017, ISP's may be ordered by authorised local officials to  restrict access to sites involved in ‘serious crimes,’ including publishing child pornography or terrorism-related content, promoting prostitution or selling illegal drugs…and gambling.

This could just be the beginning of a new crackdown; director of the police's economic crime unit, Haim Wismonsky revealed that more gambling domains will be targeted going forward as the police focus more tightly on “working to expose sites that operate gambling in order to allow them to be closed.”

Freedom of the internet and other civic groups and technology experts have greeted the news of more ISP blocks with equanimity, pointing out that such measures are easy to circumvent and impractical.

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