Leander Games launch linked jackpot games to events

News on 6 Feb 2018

Leander Games has debuted a range of linked jackpot games that work across a set of themes with a jackpot that pays before the featured event.

The games pick up on events such as Christmas, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day and the upcoming World Cup and present new event-based graphics but with the same features and proven maths model.

One of the features sees the jackpot balance passed from one game to the next negating the need for the casino operator to seed a new jackpot for each event.

“These games will look and feel new and are full of event-based interest, but because they are linked in terms of the mechanics and the jackpots, it means that players will have instant recognition of the games and how to play them,” Steven Matsell, Chief Executive at Leander Games, said.

Leander will add new themes such as Valentines’ Day which will be plugged in for next February.

The games will cycle from one event to another so there is always one game live and one jackpot to be won.

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