Lightbody confirmed as permanent Chief of BCLC

News on 2 Apr 2015

Michael Gordon’s interim replacement as head of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Jim Lightbody, has been confirmed as permanent chief executive by the board of the Canadian provincial Crown Corporation.

Lightbody took over the BCLC hot seat in January 2014 after Graydon resigned to join PV Hospitality (see previous  report).

With a 14 year management service record with the BCLC, Lightbody is extensively experienced, particularly in lottery and casino operations, which he supervised as vice president prior to his interim appointment as CEO on Graydon’s departure.

Prior to that, he worked in management positions for Proctor and Gamble, Nabob Foods and BC Hot House.

“The board of directors believes Jim Lightbody is the best person to lead this organization in this time of renewal,” said Bud Smith, board chairman, in a press release this week.

“He has demonstrated strong leadership in the last 14 months as interim CEO. That combined with his understanding of the organization, his commitment to innovation and to employee engagement makes him the ideal person to lead the organization going forward.”

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