Louisiana lawmakers move on sports betting bill

News on 4 Apr 2018

Louisiana senators have progressed a measure – SB266 – which positions the state to take advantage of any change in US sports betting laws that may flow from the US Supreme Court appeal lodged by New Jersey (see previous reports).

But SB322, a bill seeking to legalise intrastate online gambling, was withdrawn for now by sponsor Sen. Danny Martiny after lobbyist opposition in the Senate Judiciary B Committee Tuesday.

On the sportsbetting front SB 266 proposed that betting on sports would become legal at gambling facilities throughout Louisiana – even at bars and restaurants, and despite some opposition the measure wa passed and now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

Assuming the bill passes the Senate and enjoys the approval of the House, it remains contingent on the Supreme Court ruling in the New Jersey appeal, and would then have to be placed before state voters on a parish by parish basis in November, as required under the state Constitution for measures that would expand gambling in the state.

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