Online gambling information site revamped and relaunched

News on 24 Mar 2017

For the first time in eleven years, the online gambling information website has been relaunched. Founded in 1998, this is the first relaunch since 2006, revitalising the enterprise and adding additional security and content.

Casinomeister is now using encrypted hypertext protocol, ensuring that the login information for the thousands of members is safer, with user names and passwords encrypted to current Internet security levels.

Mobile users will pleased with the introduction of improved facilities, and additions to content include a more dynamic approach in which related forum topics and conversations will be connected on the pages of the non-forum sections; if a user is reading about a specific rogue casino, he or she will have related forum discussions linked from there.

The Casinomeister Reviews have been revamped as part of a continuing process, with reviews of the Casinomeister Accredited casinos featuring videos, expert commentary, and more information from the Meister Minions – a group of experienced player members who collect practical information on casinos such as actual pay-out times, customer service experiences and other player-centric vital data. These reviews not only pertain to the Accredited Casinos, but to casinos that are listed in the site’s Grey Zone, and especially those listed in the Rogue Pit.

Casinomeister owner Bryan Bailey says there is almost nineteen years of information on the online casino industry – current and past – available on the site.

“It’s my job to present this to you the best way I can,” he said in relaunching the website Thursday.

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