Online gambling shirt sponsorships under fire again

News on 19 Jan 2018

A new study by Goldsmiths University in London has again focussed attention on the need for both football clubs and the online gambling companies that sponsor their shirts to exercise more compliance with the policy of excluding gambling logos or slogans on children-sized shirts or promotions using youthful players.

Three of the nine Premier League clubs in England were found to have slipped up on the policy, agreed voluntarily by all football clubs as criticism has grown over allegations that gambling is becoming “normalised” with children.

Many young children are football fans and wear the football shirts of their favourite club, critics have pointed out, urging clubs to ensure that gambling logos are not on children’s sized shirts.

The Goldsmiths study found that since a Labour government relaxed betting legislation in 2005 there have been 75 deals in which gambling firms have plastered their logos on the chests of football stars. A study by Glasgow University has warned that such adverts are luring vulnerable children and adults into gambling.

Approached for comment by the Daily Mail, Remote Gambling Association chief executive Clive Hawkswood said:

‘It may be that there is now more need for the clubs to demonstrate a greater awareness of the responsibility that rests with them, as well as with the gambling company, when they enter into shirt sponsorship deals.’

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