Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to start accepting online gambling licence application on June 4

News on 28 Mar 2018

Industry observers in the fast-developing Pennsylvanian introduction of legal and licensed online gambling are speculating this week that the issue of how many “skins” or brands an operator will be permitted to offer may soon be clarified following the Board’s announcement that it will commence accepting licensing application on June 4 this year.

The optimistic analysts say that it is unlikely that the Board will expect applicants to hand over substantial licensing fees without knowing the answer to this important question, which remains ambiguous, although a new tranche of the regulations is expected soon.

Our readers may recall that at least two land casino operators in Pennsylvania have been lobbying the Board to ensure that licensees are confined to just one online brand per licence.

Arguing against this are other potential licensees who have urged the Board to follow the example of New Jersey and permit operators to launch multiple skins. This has proved to be a success in New Jersey, encouraging more online-land partnerships and a healthier sector.

Earlier this week (see previous report) two of the lawmakers who pushed the legalising legislation through the state Legislature advised the Board that it was never the intention to limit licensees to a single skin, and urged the Board to note the positive experiences in other states where multiple skins per licensee is permitted.

The next scheduled meeting of the board is due April 4, and the industry is hoping that clarity on the issue will emerge.

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