Pennsylvania gaming board publishes online gambling FAQ

News on 2 Mar 2018

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, tasked by the state legislature with developing regulations for newly legalised online gambling laws, has published a two page advisory covering frequently asked questions on the topic and its application in the state.

The document deals with common questions regarding online gambling, ranging from the technology to how revenues derived by the state in the form of taxes and fees will be allocated.

There are few surprises in the content as a result, but one clause has excited some industry comment, referring to a proposal to block play on intrastate licensed websites by punters who are physically located within a state licensed land casino.

Industry observers speculate that land casino operators called for the clause as an answer to unfounded fears that online activity might undermine their land revenues, but existing state licence holders will have priority in the allocation of online licences anyway, which should reassure them.

Certainly, geo-location technology has reached an advanced stage that would make such a provision possible in practical terms.

There has still been no official information on when online gambling will go live in Pennsylvania, but the Commission is clearly working diligently on putting the regulations in place, and the FAQ is an indication of progress. Best estimates on a “live” date at present appear to be late-2018.

The FAQ document can be viewed here

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