Pennsylvania regulator clarifies multiple skin issue

News on 5 Apr 2018

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) released more regulations for online gambling Wednesday, clarifying the multiple skins issue (see previous reports) by permitting licensees to operate multiple online skins under a single licence, provided they clearly show a relationship with a land-based casino and run it through the casino’s domain.

Our readers may recall that there has recently been some vigorous lobbying by a minority of operators against allowing multiple skins per licence.

The relevant regulations can be accessed here and in summary deal with multiple skins thus:

“Chapter 818 provides clarification that the Board may authorize interactive gaming certificate holders or interactive gaming operator licensees operating an interactive gaming system on behalf of an interactive gaming certificate holder to deploy interactive gaming skins or interactive gaming websites, that clearly identify the interactive gaming certificate holder or an entity within the interactive gaming certificate holder’s organizational structure, on the display screen visible to players.”

In brief – online and poker skins will be required to prominently display the land casino under whose licence the skin is running.

Board executive director Kevin O’Toole revealed in a press release from the PGCB:

“What the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board did at its public meeting of April 4, 2018 was to approve temporary regulations that enable a very open and competitive market for internet gaming while at the same time assuring transparency and accountability for the consumers.

“Under these temporary regulations there is no limitation on the number of skins that a slot machine licensee may employ to deliver games, but every “skin” that a casino offers must be branded in a manner that makes it clear that it is offered on behalf of the slot machine licensee consistent with language of the act.”

State regulators expect to begin taking applications from both platform providers and casinos within the next month.

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